How can I review and validate the extracted data from one or more documents?

To review and validate the AI-driven content selections and labels:

  1. Choose the Workflow for which you want to review documents by clicking the
    Workflows Vector Workflows tab on the upper left, then selecting the desired Workflow. 
  2. If you wish to review documents within a specific category, click the
    All Categories drop-down menu and select the desired document category.
  3. Select the documents you want to review by adding a checkmark to the checkboxes next to the document names, then click the Review Icon Review button on the bottom.
  4. Review the accuracy of the AI-generated labels on each document by clicking the desired labels, then clicking Confirm, Delete, or adjusting the selection.
  5. You can review the following document by clicking the Next Document button.
  6. (Optional): Once you've reviewed all selected documents, click Download Data on the bottom right and choose your desired export format.