What is a document workflow on the Acodis IDP Platform?

Each Workflow you create on the Acodis IDP Platform is assigned a new AI model that learns the unique way you wish to process the documents that you will eventually upload to the document categories you create within that Workflow.

For example, you can customize two Workflows, one for invoices and another for delivery notes. Although the goal is ultimately extracting data from both Workflows, the content of interest and some other factors of how you wish to process each of them may differ. That's why creating a new Workflow for each of these document types is helpful.

Furthermore, each Workflow AI model also learns how to process each document category within any given Workflow, giving you an additional layer of process customization at the document category level.

A document Workflow consists of all the stages of processing a document endures on the Acodis IDP Platform:

  • Uploading a collection of documents onto the Acodis IDP Platform
  • Categorizing those documents
  • Labelling the valuable data you want to extract
  • Reviewing the validity of the data you have labelled and prepared for extraction
  • Exporting the data into a structured data format of your choice

Quick Tip:

All stages of a document workflow can be customized and automated on the Acodis IDP Platform.

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