Why can't I edit a workflow?

Only Admins and Automation Managers can manage and edit workflows.

Acodis provides three types of user roles:
  • Admins can manage workflows and users and have full access to the whole platform. 
  • Automation Managers can manage specific workflows to which an admin has given access. Workflow managers can not manage users.
  • Case Handlers can view workflows, import/export, review documents, and review automated data extraction accuracy before final export.

You can find your user role next to your name on the bottom left of the platform:


Quick Tip:

Please contact your Admin and show them the steps below if you think you were assigned a user role incorrectly.

To change a colleague's user role:

  • Choose the Workflow you want to assign by clicking the Workflows Vector Workflows tab on the upper left and then selecting the desired Workflow.
  • Click the Menu button IDP Menu Button on the top right corner, then click Edit Workflow.
  • Click the Review step of your selected Workflow.
  • Add your colleagues' names under the Workflow Access section and assign them to one of the three roles listed at the beginning of this article.
  • Finally, click the Finish button on the bottom right.