Why is Acodis better than its competitors?

Free your data and teams via a no-code platform that automates document data extraction and transfers accurate and high-quality data to your CRM and ERP systems—in seconds. You're already automating... It's time to do it, better.

No-Code Platform 

Our approach is radically different from other market solutions. With Acodis, you no longer need a team of developers who constantly optimize code if documents change. Acodis IDP Platform allows extracting data points (e.g., dates, currency amounts and more) and document elements (such as titles, tables, or charts) with just a few clicks. In other words, Acodis is a no-code platform where everyone in your team can build powerful document workflows.

Your Data Remains in Switzerland

Most of our customers handle sensitive data and chose Acodis due to our extensive data protection measures. Your data is stored in Switzerland at a Microsoft Azure data centre. We can also implement a custom architecture based on your requirements upon request. 

Workflow Depth & Complexity, with Ease

Create unique automation solutions tailored to extract data from your documents exactly as you want. Customize and automate your import/export channels, document categorization, data labels, and layered data validation parameters in just a few clicks.

Use Case Versatility

Enterprises active in almost every industry use Acodis to automate their document processing procedures, boost productivity, and reduce costs. With unlimited and fully customizable document processing AI models at your fingertips, no document type will ever be a challenge. Whether you process invoices or lengthy contracts, Acodis has got you covered.

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